Текст выверен автором - Дмитрием Бочеко
(Текст предоставил: Дмитрий Бочеко)
Бочеко Дмитрий

Little girl woke up on the hospital bed...

                  Дмитрий Бочеко

Little girl woke up on a hospital bed
Saw her mommy in tears, praying God, all so sad
Waves of feelings, emotionsspilling out in the air
Struck by deep disbeliefits unfair

Shes so little, she havent done much in her life
Yet shes fighting for weeks this disease to survive
And her mommyve been sitting long days by her side
A tear after tear, day and night

Only one knows it all, he knows why, how and when
Will the miracle happen or evil prevail?
He wants us to start praying, to join this fight
Show the kindness of heart in the darkness of night

He will answer to prayers and speak back thru his signs
As the world sends him message, he accepts and abides
Making miracles simply take place in our lives
Forever and ever taking us by surprise


To bring peace to soul that so deeply cries


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