Текст выверен автором - Дмитрием Бочеко
(Текст предоставил: Дмитрий Бочеко)
Бочеко Дмитрий

If I am gone tomorrow

                  Дмитрий Бочеко

If I am gone tomorrow
Please remember my smile
If I am gone for nothing 
Please don't let my name just die
If I am gone forever 
It will hurt deep inside
I can't say I'll never
Be gone but it's life

I am crazy for you baby
You're always on my mind
I don't want to leave you hanging 
But I signed the dotted line
I am leaving for my country 
But my thoughts stay here with you
And my love knows no boundary
It will keep me safe for you 

If I am gone tomorrow
Please don't let it be in vain 
Don't get stuck in a sorrow
I meant to cause no pain
If I am gone forever
Please remember my smile
I will always be your soldier
That went an extra mile

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