Текст выверен автором
(Текст предоставил: Олег Семенов)
Семенов Олег Посмотреть (исп. автор)

Hamardaban (посвящение Юрию Визбору на английском)

Это посвящение сделано на мелодию песни Визбора Хамардабан. Первые строфи спеты из оригинала по=русски чтобы напомнить песню.

                  Олег Семенов

                                         To the memory of Yuri Visbor

a                     d
Another day, another night
 d            E7          a
The sky pours down, its all right!
a                      d
Taiga is law, taigas around
d         E7               a
Grey fog above and on the ground...
       A7                   d
    No soul ahead, no hope behind,
    d               G7              C
    The worlds just specter in your mind...
     a                          d        
    It comes to youbeneath the Sun
     d       E7          a
    The only land is Hamardaban!

Another yard, another mile,
The sun came shining for a while,
It put your spirit right on track,
Rucksack and rifle are on your back.
    A tent is set, and life is great,
    A tin is opened with a blade.
    No matter what, beneath the Sun
    The Promised Land is Hamardaban!

Your rifle is rusting and your knife,
It was your job, it was your life.
When youth has gone, when life is doneRemember ridge Hamardaban.
    You were driven by your whims,
    No glory hidden in your dreams!
    You knew the truthbeneath the Sun
    No land resembles Hamardaban...

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