Текст выверен автором - Дмитрием Бочеко
(Текст предоставил: Дмитрий Бочеко)
Бочеко Дмитрий

I ain''t no county boy...

                  Дмитрий Бочеко

I ain't no county boy 
But got a heart of one 
You are my country girl
You live where horses run

You are my sweet escape
To life I never knew
Searched for you high and low
A chance, life gives so few 

I need you like a breath of fresh air
Like flowers begging for the rain
Like cowboy's hat to be worn when it's hot
That's something to be said about that

I can't escape the city life
It's dragging me down and sucking me dry
I try too hard to fit in with no luck
The city smog makes my eyes itch and cry

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